Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fuming about coffee...I roast my own coffee beans, grind them as needed and I do believe that I can make a fairly decent cup of fresh coffee be it from a drip machine or a French Press (plunger). Espresso and Cappucino...this is a different level of coffee making for me although I have made lackluster attempts, but I guess what I really need is a good quality machine and of course, THE PROPER TRAINING. This is a photo of what a perfect cappucino should be! Made with coffee with a thick crema and topped with a DENSE froth of milk. I am appalled at how a lot of coffee bars (including foreign franchises!) here try to pass-off a cup of watery coffee and soap bubble froth as Cappuccino. I know that in some countries, you cannot be a Barista without the proper training and certificate. I wonder if the people behind our coffee counters here even know what it takes to make good coffee or even what it should taste like. I don't think making a good cup of coffee is difficult, you just have to KNOW how to make it.


WhatJ said...

Wow you roast your own beans?! Where do you get them? I'm a coffee freak myself!

By the way I hope you don't mind me dropping by, found your blog through Market Man.

Anonymous said...


You mentioned you roast your own coffee. Where do you get the green coffee beans? I was gifted with a coffee roaster and a small bag of coffee beans to roast. We've obviously consumed everything already and I'm now looking for more beans to roast. I actually enjoyed the process of roasting and would like to try other flavors.


Loney Kitchen said...

I buy my green beans from our local market here in the province. I have no idea where to get them in Manila though. Sorry, I wish I could be of more help.