Friday, December 23, 2005

Unlike gifts that come and go,
Or tinsel on the attic stowed,
May the spirit of peace we hold so dear,
Remain with us all throughout the year.

From our house to your house,

Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fuming about coffee...I roast my own coffee beans, grind them as needed and I do believe that I can make a fairly decent cup of fresh coffee be it from a drip machine or a French Press (plunger). Espresso and Cappucino...this is a different level of coffee making for me although I have made lackluster attempts, but I guess what I really need is a good quality machine and of course, THE PROPER TRAINING. This is a photo of what a perfect cappucino should be! Made with coffee with a thick crema and topped with a DENSE froth of milk. I am appalled at how a lot of coffee bars (including foreign franchises!) here try to pass-off a cup of watery coffee and soap bubble froth as Cappuccino. I know that in some countries, you cannot be a Barista without the proper training and certificate. I wonder if the people behind our coffee counters here even know what it takes to make good coffee or even what it should taste like. I don't think making a good cup of coffee is difficult, you just have to KNOW how to make it.

Bees and Strawberries...

I am not a breakfast person and I've never liked the feeling of a full stomach to start my day. Then I discovered the lovely combination of sweet and juicy strawberries with a creamy vanilla youghurt and a teaspoon of bee pollen. This with a glass of orange juice and a fresh cup of coffee is an ideal sunriser meal for me.