Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Asian Tapas....... During these trying times, when all newspapers leave nothing much to look forward to, we scrounge for something to uplift our spirits and make us believe that there is still that something or someone who can make us proud to be a Filipino. One such example is this Asian Tapas cookbook authored by Christophe Megel and Anton Kilayko, both of the Ritz-Carlton in Singapore. Kilayko, a very young and much talented Filipino from Bacolod, has been making a name for himself in the international hotel scene. If you're one who likes making small bites, this is for you. It features truly Asian recipes which are accompanied by detailed photos that will make you crave for these delicate and savory "tapas". Even the lowly "kangkong" is given an all new makeover with their recipe for Kangkong Wonton Rolls with Goat Cheese. Alain Ducasse in his foreword says, " happy I am to see a book which so thoroughly embodies the essence and attitude of contemporary cooking". If Ducasse is happy, then I'm doubly happy and proud of Anton Kilayko, who in his own way, gives us a semblance of hope and pride in being Pinoy.


Anonymous said...

While monitoring the PR hits for Asian Tapas, I've come across your blog site. Many thanks for including my book and I'd be delighted to meet you one day to chat about food.

-Anton Kilayko

Loney Kitchen said...

Likewise, but we have met when you helped me out for the Adobo Festival at the Balay Negrense Museum in 1998.