Friday, May 16, 2008

Quest for the most Eggccelent.

Eggccelent Portuguese Egg Tarts........So much has been said and written about these teensie pastries that travel brochures and guides would make them a "must try" when visiting Macau. And so I put myself to the task of finding the best ever Portuguese Egg Tart. I've have been told beforehand that Margaret's Cafe e Nata beats all others hands down. Although as expected, other places would claim that theirs was the best.

Of the various tarts I tried, I would agree that Margaret's were the best. The uber flaky pastry and thick, rich and velvety smooth egg custard was a hands down winner for me. A bit of a let down were those from Lord Stowe's but those from KFC in HK were surprisingly good.
Here back home, my thoughts are now on a quest to MAKE these minute and sinful pleasures, but then it's just a thought.

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