Saturday, May 28, 2005

Mutant Pineapple........Travelling is one passion I love to indulge in. It doesn't really matter where, as long is I get a comfy bed and a clean toilet and bath at wherever I stay. The smell, feel and even the sounds of being somewhere not home gives me an adrenalin rush that keeps me going . These places never fail to treat me to experiences so alien that I find it hard to say goodbye at times. Normal , doesn't really stimulate me, but seeing some strange looking thing such as this mutant pineapple does. The only clue that it is a pineapple is the "eyes". I chanced upon it during a visit to the Honey Bee Farm in Bohol while waiting for our orders of their delectable Honey-Cheese spread. This is one must-see place when you visit this quiet Southern island, a perfect example of man (or lady in this case) living harmoniously with the land. The owner (sorry but her name slips my memory at the moment) tills her land with the help of only the gifts of nature. Her salad greens are much in demand and she even serves it in her little cafe. How about some corn coffee for an after meal drink? Bohol has so much to offer, it goes beyond Ceasar Montano, Alona Beach and the lovable Tarsiers. It's always the unique and uncommon things that remain in our memory and make us want to go back to a place such as this. Posted by Hello

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